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Meet Our Team

Tom Borish
  • Tom Borish
    VP, Customer Success

(603) 617-2909

Pam Gee
  • Pam Gee
    National Sales Representative

(508) 726-2709

Dylan Handy
  • Dylan Handy
    National Sales Representative

(508) 963-2163

Robin Breeds
  • Robin Breeds
    Senior Support Manager

(888) 378-3868 x100

Michael Kramer
  • Michael Kramer
    Senior Engineer

(888) 378-3868

Mike Bondi
  • Mike Bondi
    Senior Engineer

(888) 378-3868

Cindy Currier
  • Cindy Currier
    Client Services and QC Manager

888-EST-3868 x103

Jacqueline Gallagher
  • Jacqueline Gallagher
    Product Manager

(888) 378-3868

Jean-Luc DeJean
  • Jean-Luc DeJean
    Support Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x217

Patrick Reyes
  • Patrick Reyes
    Support Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x110

Benjamin Mateus
  • Benjamin Mateus
    Support Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x212

Jonathan Rodriguez
  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Support Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x116

Adrian Figueroa
  • Adrian Figueroa
    Client Services Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x114

Danielle Wilbur
  • Danielle Wilbur
    Client Services Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x113

Thomas Mengebier
  • Thomas Mengebier
    Quality Control and Support Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x115

Christopher Miller
  • Christopher Miller
    Client Services Specialist

(888) 378-3868 x101

Krista Bennett
  • Krista Bennett
    Client Services Speciailst

(888) 378-3868 x118

Jill Coomey
  • Jill Coomey
    Client Services Specialist

(888) 378-3868 ext 102

Jess Gilley
  • Jess Gilley
    Client Services Speciailst

(888) 378-3868 x119

Nicole Baptista
  • Nicole Baptista
    Client Services Speciailst

888-EST-3868 x106

Maria Gabriella
  • Maria Gabriella
    Client Services Associate

(888) 378-3868 x105

More Information About Us

Where are you located?
Our headquarters is located at 108 Grove St. Suite 202, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Just under an hour west of Boston, we've held the same location since the company was founded in 2000.
What are your hours of operation?
Our Worcester, Massachusetts office is open from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Feel free to stop in and say hello!
What's the best way to get in touch for any questions?
If you have any technical questions or issues related to your current account, please email us at [email protected] If you you'd like to inquire on how to purchase a website, please email us at [email protected]

Our History

  •  2015 - Current
    With new technology changing every day, RLS2000 has adapted and grown to keep you ahead of the competition.
  •  2006 - 2015
    Growing to over 3,000 satisfied customers, RLS2000 expanded covering new regions and offered many more features for our customers.
  •  2000 - 2006
    RLS200 was launched providing the best real estate websites and technology to real estate agents.